Friday, March 8, 2013

Bad Idea Jeans

It was an early morning at I got up at 4:30am as the flight was scheduled to leave at 6am.   Not a good plan if I was going to do 13.1 today.  I had screwed up earlier this week and committed to going to a school play which would have been fun but when then flight was canceled left me in a bad spot.

The flight left on time but we flew into a full white out in Boston.  We hung out on the runway as they were plowing all over so we had to wait awhile to get to the gate.  By the time I got home I had less than an hour to run over to the gym and get Wod 1 in.   Feeling very "unfresh" but I have felt that many times before so its not a good indicator of how things will turn out.  Today it was a great indicator that things would not go so well.

I felt pretty good until the Burpees after the 135 Snatches.   I was really just stepping back kneeling down. It was only a burpee in spirit, the ugliest and slowest looking burpees ever.  I finished up and thought well worst case I can get 2.   Loaded the bar up and ended up in a clean trying to press it over my head and it wasnt going any where.  3 more attempts all with the same or worse result.  I just couldnt draw any more speed or power from anywhere. Sat down on the floor with 10 seconds on the clock and watched them tick away.....  The good news was that my wrist felt fine.   It played no part in not making any lift.  

As I think about the wod Im not sure I would change anything.   Well maybe just try to get more hips into all of the snatches.  I was feeling a bit down but the community is so good at picking each other up.  Here is a chat session from a crossfit friend: "Nice to know you are human. But do it again Sunday. A few reps is huge after 150. You'll break it. No doubt in my mind.  If u had 4 attempts that's more than me. I had 2. Second one was the ugliest snatch ever....except for that girl in college that one time."   Made me smile and realize the reason I love crossfit is as much about the community as it is the workouts.

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