Sunday, March 24, 2013

Crash comes the end of vacation and a spot at the games

I feel like I have not had a nights worth of sleep where I didnt wake up thinking about the Opens.  Not in a good way either.  Its been days filled with anxiousness and concern that if I didnt pick up my performance any chance I had would be over.   The years open has been especially wearing on me give so much time I have invested in hopes of qualifying.   I now have a much better sense of these athletes that are trying to qualify for the Olympics and or trying to medal.  It must just really suck. 

The day started off promising as my legs felt much better but out of no where my triceps were sore.  Not sure where that came from other than maybe I wasnt warmed up enough when I did some practice muscle ups yesterday.    I watched Dale and John absolutely crush the wod and that gave me some hope.  I mean all I was looking for was 3 more reps. 

I was in a big heat with Jarrod, Glenn and Dave C.  I tried to be smarter on the wall balls this time around and break them up and take 10 second breaks.   It didnt help. I was so much more tired this time around than on Thursday.  I could really feel it in my arms this time.   Legs by the way were fine.  Came off the wall a good 1 minute and 20 seconds  slower  but even more tired.  I think around 8:30.   The double unders went better around 2 minutes leaving me a 1 minute and 15 seconds for the muscle ups    Same damn number of MU's.  All I could say was F**CK.  All that work and I couldnt get one more rep.   Pretty discouraged at this point.   Vacation over, chance at the games pretty much over.   I will be lucky to be in the top 40 after all the scores are in.  

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