Sunday, January 1, 2017

1 Milion Meter Challenge

A MILLION METERS!! (in one year).

That’s right. 365 days to travel 1,000,000 meters!

If you’re a math geek, that works out to 2,740 meters every day…that doesn’t sound too bad does You can run, row or air dyne(these kilos only count 25%)

If you row It’s only 8 or 9 minutes of your day to keep your cardio up through the winter..and keep it going through the summer and into the fall and winter again, right? can even do more on some days and take some tactically placed “rest days” when you know you won’t do anything.

Plus, we ALL know that the rower can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on what workout you’re doing, right?

Why not make friends with the rower and make 2017 your year to conquer it?!?

Challenge dates – Starts on January 1st, 2017…ends on December 31st 2017…that’s 365 days ya’ll.

What do you do – travel 1 million meters in a year..duh again…

How do you do it – get on a rower and start rowing your happy little A$$ off..=)

What meters will count toward the total? – Anytime you get on a rower..during a normal WOD..during the times you come by to row…any meters will count. Running will also count. Air dyne kilometers will only count 25% towards total

What if I think 1 Million Meters is over the top? – No problem at all! Set your goal to be 250,000…500,000.or 750,000 meters to keep you on track throughout the year.

Day 1

3 Different segments 10,070 Meters

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