Saturday, July 30, 2016

Craic Olympics

Craic Olympics:  

8 Individual Efforts
  1. ­500 m Row
  2. ­Max UB pullups
  3. ­400 m Run
  4. ­2 min DUs
  5. ­Max UB HSPUs 
  6. ­Max snatch 
  7. Max s2oh 
  8. Max deadlift
Mini Workouts  *All in partnerships.
  1. ­800m by 200m (2 people run twice, alternating) 
  2. ­50­ Burpees to 45# plate & 75­ wallballs
  3. ­2 people 5 AMRAP of 15­ Power Cleans 95/65 & 10­ Pullups
­2 Rounds for time of:
30 Russian KB Swings (53/35)
50ft Sled Push (25ft x 2) +50#/+25# - *Both partners (1 male/1female) complete two rounds at the same time, your finishing time is the when the  slower partner finishes.

Team Workouts 
­1. Oh My Hardio
P1: 100­Double Unders
P2: 500m­Row
P3: 50­ Box Jumps/Step Ups 24/20”
P4: 400m­ Run
P5: 100­ Double Unders
2. ­Iceman, part trois
*All teammates compete, one person works at at time
For max points in 4 mins:
Ring Row @ 45degrees= 1 point
Pullup = 2 points
C2B = 5 points
Bar MUs = 8 points
3. Pick Things Up, Put Them Down
*3 men/3 women with separate bars have 4 minutes to deadlift a maximum total weight as a team. Any weight can be added/removed from the bar at any time. Any number of reps can be completed by any person.

First off great event - Well planned, well organized and well executed!  I had gone into not knowing whether I would be able to do anything because my upper back was a bit messed up from TGU's and not knowing whether the team would have any events open.  I also made a last minute petition and got Susie in as well which made it more fun.

I ended up doing a lot more than I expected:

  1. Max UB Pullups - Felt great just moving through them and thinking I could easily get 48. Not sure what happened as I went from fine to no grip and dropped off at 44.  Oh well
  2. Floater -Teamed up with Eli on this one.  First round felt great. 2nd round it got a lot harder.  This really took a lot out of me.  Felt just like I did after the Norcal master events with running and KBS.
  3. Susie and I teamed up on the burpee and wall ball wod. Short and fun
  4. Oh My Hardio - Did the first 100 Dubs.  Shoe came untied on jump 1 - managed 65 UB with a shoe lace hitting the rope every time.  Our team did well even though I messed up
  5. Ice man - Did Bar MU's - got 12 or 13 in 2 sets
  6. Teamed up with Dougie and Jim and we did DLs @225 - did sets of 5 or 7

Coach Munchbachs Post Game Analysis
Team Qatar,
Thank you very much for the fun today!
I could not have been more pleased with everyone's efforts, patience, and participation.

Just as a quick recap...
  • Cami T. – PR on unbroken pull-ups! Cami is nursing an ankle injury and was a great teammate today as most of the events were ankle prohibitive.
  • Catherine – CLOSING SPEED on the shuttle run and tied a PR in the snatch event.
  • Doug – Stayed upside down for 4:30 without passing out; also managed to do 46 HSPU in that time. Competed with John and Jim in the final DL event and put up a huge number... more on that in a bit.
  • Ellie – Took a bullet for the team and completed the floater event (and completed her first ever sled push!) which helped us place first in that event!
  • Eric K. – PR'ed his 500m row and tackled that gross 5min AMRAP abomination with Nick.
  • Jim C. – Was down for anything. Nearly got 100 unbroken double-unders and competed with John & Doug on the deadlift event to lift a total of over 38,500 lbs. in 4 minutes.
  • John D. – John did a massive amount of pull-ups, double-unders, and wallballs to help the team. His CrossFit career goes waaaaaaay back, so I'm not sure if he PR'ed, but who cares! It was a Herculean performance.
  • Kathryn – Ran the 400m #NoOneLikesRunning and PR'ed her deadlift by 20 lbs.!
  • Laura – PR'ed her deadlift by a country mile! Welcome to the 305 club, LC!
  • Meghan – PR on her deadlift, did that gross 5 min thing with Nikki, then deadlifted again in the final event.
  • Neil – PR on shoulder to overhead and also took a bullet for the team with a 400m run.
  • Nick – PR on snatch and conquered the 5 min AMRAP with Eric.
  • Nikki – PR on unbroken handstand push-ups and did 50 box jumps in record time; also was subjected to 5 min gross thing with Meg.
  • Susie D. – Last minute add-in! Came out hot with a 500m row at 1:46 then held court during the wallball/burpee workout while in a tennis skirt. Two claps for Susie.
  • Web – Dominated the 400m and 2x400m running events. PR'ed unbroken pull-ups. Then took another 400m run without complaint. Also did around 20 bar MU to help propel the team to a second place finish in Iceman.
Everyone stepped outside their comfort zone today, did more than they thought possible, and (I hope) had fun.

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