Saturday, July 16, 2016

Abbate hero Wod

Big turnout today for a Saturday morning beat-down.  Chris Pucchi was in the house for what was is
going to be his last wod before he heads off to Vandy for Med school.  He will me missed.   I thought today the run would be enough to create some separation from Mr Kick My Ass Anthony Demusis. 

“Abbate”  For Time
* 1 Mile Run
* 21 Clean-and-Jerk (155/105 lbs)
* 800 Meter Run
* 21 Clean-and-Jerk (155/105 lbs)
* 1 Mile Run

Total time -  33:49

Well the plan was working for the first run where I started off at the front until the half mile mark where I was passed by Dennis.   We opened up a nice gap as we came in from the first run in 7:30.  I took my time on the first sets of C&J's and they were brutally hard.   DeMusis crushed them and was out the door and had 200m on me which is at least a minute.  He added to that in the 2nd set of clean and jerk and it was all over but the crying.   I was hoping to finish the last set of C&Js as Dennis and then draft off of him but that didnt happen either.   So I settled in and tried to minimize my losses.  At the turnaround Chris was gaining on me and my goal was to hold him off as long as I could.  I made it to Corner of Ames and High before he left me in his wake.    Need to do that one again when it isnt so hot. 


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