Sunday, July 3, 2016


17 cal. Assault bike -or- row
7 MEdball squat cleans (20/14) -or- Gobblet Squats (70/53)
6 RIng dips
7 Chest-to-bAr -or- Bar Muscle-Ups
400m run

Time 24:56

 I rode my Mt bike next to Sam as he ran 6.5 miles.  We woke up Jack and headed over to CraicWood to do Munchie's July 4th wod.  Jack and Sam teamed up and crushed the WOD. I trailed Mrs Munchie and KJo till the last round where I pulled ahead on Bar Mu which I may or may not have done 6 vs 7.   Jack chased me down on the run and paced me in.  


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