Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Better than it looked

I didnt like the looks of the wod when I read it and even contemplated driving over to Craicwood.  But after some reflection I decided I didnt need to go do something harder I could make this hard enough to get some benefit.  The only switch I would make is to do the bent over rows with 1 Dumbell vs holding one and rowing with the other.  

Hard Warm up but I liked it.

200m run
10 db sntch l
10 db sntch r
100m db run l
100m db run r
10 Burpees
200m run

-DB Front Squat
-Stand DB Bent Over Row Alt.
Rest 3mins
1:30 of UNBROKEN effort
Score= Lowest total round + DB Weight

Round 1 with 40lb  dumbells - 66 reps
Round 2 wih 45lb dumbells - 44 reps
Round 3  with 50lb dumbells 37 reps
Round 4 with 50lb dumbells 40 reps
round 5  with 55lb dumbells 39 reps

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