Sunday, September 30, 2012

Still possible to get stronger

I was looking forward to this workout since its been a long time since I was able to Jerk.  I have put a lot of work in going overhead and wanted to see if it paid off.   Last year I remember doing a wod where I couldnt get past 185lbs.  This summer I did get to 215lbs in an overhead carry wod which was encouraging.  I blew past that today which I am happy about.  I now have my sights set on beating todays PR. Probably got a little greedy when I jumped up by 10.
Warm Up - 5@95, 5@135, 5@155, 1@175, 1@195, 1@215, 1@225, 1@135, F@245  
 I reviewed this tonight and it is clear that my dip is too deep and I am way to slow through the middle.  Im better at get down but still have a long way to go.
B) 20 UB C2B x4 - rest as needed 
I put the gloves on for this so I didnt chew up my hands.  I whipped off the first set quickly, probably too quickly.  2nd round was a challenge,  3rd round my grip failed and I came off the bar on the 19th rep. Took off the gloves for the last round and got the 20 with a lot less problems.  Either way my forearms and grip were taxed.
C) AMRAP C+J @155 in 5mins
I was pretty happy with this but I probably should have started at a much slower pace. I had whipped through the first 10 fairly quickly and then hit a wall.  I ended up getting 27 which wasnt bad.  The last time I did Grace I was just under 4 minutes. 

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