Thursday, September 6, 2012


Thursdays look like strength days for the foreseeable future.   Historically I was never that excited when Snaches or Snatch Balances came up but that is slowly changing. 

A) Snatch Balance work 5x1 @same weight
B) Heavy Snatch 1 rep
C) Heavy OHS - 1 rep

The last time I did Snatch Balances I felt like I was fighting it all the way.  Today was a lot different.  I felt like i was getting under the bar quickly and under control.

A) Snatch Balance work 5x1 @same weight

Warm Up  5@95, 3@115, 2@135
5 X 145lbs this felt very comfortable.  Probably should have gone heavier.  Better form as I got to the tail end. 

I added double unders between rounds:
1 - 16
2 - 21
3 - 24
4 - 21
5- 34

B) Heavy Snatch 1 rep  - Did these at Squat Snatches.  Since I was feeling very comfortable with getting under the bar I decided to focus on Squat Snatches. 
 Warm Up 5@95 3@115, 2@135
M@165 Power

This is the first time that I hit 155 with squat snatches and it felt easy.  I got a little greedy and ended up doing more of a power snatch at 165 and then got real greedy and went for 175.  Since it was heavy I stopped.

Heavy OHS
5@135 - easiest that 135 has ever felt.  I can remember a WOD where I was completely worried about OHS at 135lbs.

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