Thursday, September 27, 2012

Got the work in

As I walked to the gym this morning I really wondered where in the world the energy was going to come from to do todays workouts.  Sometimes when your tired your mind can will your way through it but my head was as tapped out as my body.  I was already on my way there so it was too late to really turn back.   I thought I would go through the warm up and see how I felt.  Warming up with the group was good and I was very tempted to just do the wod with the class and get pulled along in their slip stream.   As tempted as I was I stuck to the plan.  Doing the wods in this state at least would be a good indicator for how they might go if they were the 2nd or 3rd wod of the day.

A) 1min AMRAP Thrusters @ 95lbs - ALL OUT EFFORT - DO NOT put the bar down and do not rest at the top on any of them
- rest as needed before you do B-

I think I paced myself fairly well through this one.   Consistent but nothing earth shattering.  Wasnt completely wrecked after it.  Will be good to see how long i can maintain a good pace in the 2nd wod.

B) 8 UB HSPU - rest 3 mins

I misread this one.  I thought it was 3 rounds.  I got them all UB which I was happy about.  Elected not do them competition style with abmat and weights.  Probably made it easier without it.

C) 3 Power Clean OTM @185 for 10 mins

These felt good.  Really focused on my form

D) Powell Raises 8-10x3 each arm

Before breaking my bar down i decided to see how I would have felt on the 2 PC, 2 FS, 2 Shoulder to overhead.   It was defintely doable go 2 sets done in about a 1:15.   Would like to try this fresh.   Hardest part was my form going overhead.

 Lots of double unders before and after the wods.   I would have to say they were wildly inconsistent and tended to be pretty crappy.

Happy to be done and have another rest day tomorrow,

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