Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last session with Will Sockolov who is just a fantastic coach.   He has learned a ton working with the best of the best of coaches here in Northern California.  He has consistently given me one cue to clean up some flaw or inefficiency in each of my movements.  

Good partner mobility warm up including a shoulder movement that was brutally good.  Also reverse grip pass thrus - great for forearm tendons.

Push ups - 3 hand postions both wide and narrow

Bench with kettlbell on bands for stability work.   5 rounds of 3

Bench - Speed off the bottom sets of 3 for 8 rounds at 155

5 rounds at easy pace - everything unbroken - just breath + move 
Run 225m 
5 C2B 
5 T2B 
15 GHD

Modified the run as I was running out of time.  Did all sets of all movements unbroken. Tried to keep an even pace for each round and limit time between movements.  Striving for consistency, full range of motion and limited resting between movements.  Hardest part were the HSPU which I did strict. Im just not very fast or strong on them.

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