Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 2 Simulated Comp

Getting it done at the Craic house
As much as I would have liked to sleep in and get some more rest, but the schedule for the day would not allow it.  At least the first wod should be short.

100 DU's 
50 Burpees 
100 Du's 
I was happy with my double Unders as I got big chunks of them and had very few misses even after the burpees.  The burpees were pretty consistent.  Just grinding thru them at a steady pace.
 More to come later....
15min AMRAP 
10 FS @115 
10 T2B 
Run 200m with 25lb plate 

Last work out of the weekend.  I was able to get through all of the work just not nearly as fast and efficient as I would have liked.   Overall I'm ok with it as I have been pretty worn down from Dreamforce and a case of insomnia.  To make it worse my refueling plan has been dreadful.  Its not that I made poor food choices Its that I have nt eaten.  Its 4:30 and All have had to eat has been a protein recovery shake after this mornings wod and a handful of nuts.  I need to get to the grocery story and it just hasnt happened.   Probably undermines all of the work I put in.  

Back to the last wod.  Pretty consistent from round to round.   

Round 1 - 2:04
Round 2 - 2:32
Round 3 - 2:52
Round 4 - 2:41
Round 5 - 2:48
Round 6 - 10-10 plus 125meters - 2:09

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