Saturday, September 8, 2012


I wasn't looking forward to today's wods as I knew that they were going to hurt and that doing them first thing in the morning was going to make it even worse.   I have had a hard time being disciplined about getting a really good warm up in all summer.  I have been going thru the basics but I really need to be warm and sweating and have already been breathing hard.   I need to address this before the COMP.

OHS - 95 

 This smoked me pretty good.  By the time I recovered reset my bar and warmed up for Isabel almost 30 minutes had passed. I hadnt intended  in taking that long of a break but that is what happened.
OHS felt fine it was just a matter of finding the right speed so I didnt get off balance.  Butterfly on first 21, second 15 kipped but kind of ugly, Had to break up the last round.  I think I missed a rep of the 15 pullups - bummer.   Harder than it should have been.  Not happy with my conditioning right now.

ISABEL - 30 snatches for time at 135

 After looking up my best Isabel time I see that I was 1 second slower than I was from back in 2011.  The difference is that I hadnt done a Fran like workout right before it.  Definitely stronger than 2011.  Need to test this again when fresh.

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