Saturday, September 15, 2012

Double WOD

I have been tired and worn out all week.   Even though I didnt travel this week I was up late every evening whether because of work or trying to get things done around the house.  By the time Friday night rolled around I was operating on vapors.  I would have liked to lay down on the couch and chill but we had dinner plans.   Woke up this morning really dragging.  When i got to the gym all I wanted was to put my head on the floor and sleep.   It was hard to get moving especially because I knew the wod was going to be painful.

Elizabeth 21-15-9
Squat Cleans @135lbs
Ring Dips

Warmed up - didnt feel much better so I knew I needed to  start so I could make it home in time for event #2.   I started out doing the first 10-12 not dropping the bar but then dropped it at the top.   It was heavy lifting but coming out of the squat was more taxing than I expected.  First round I did 18 strict dips before I went to kipping.   For some reason kipping isnt as comfortable.  Need to work on that.   First round took me like 4+minutes.  Didnt keep track after that.

Total time 9:22.  Surprising an improvement over my best time.  I think I can do a lot better in the wod.   I generally can surge and put myself in that really uncomfortable spot but didnt have the juice to do it.  Wondering if I need 3-4 days off?

So Im pretty fried but need to recover quickly for Sonia's Run 5k which is a fund raising event in memory of Sonia Daly - Jack Daly's sister.   Jack is well loved by the Crossfit Craic community so there was a huge turnout - I didnt count the actual numbers but Im guessing there were 30-40 Craic heads.    Because I was so smoked I realized that this 5k would be even more painful if I red lined it.   When I got home I threw my 25lb weight vest in the car and would decide it that was a better idea when I go there.    The rain stopped just before the race and I decided to go with the vest and give it my best shot.      It wasnt awful but it was not easy by any stretch either.

5k time with 25lbs vest - 27:20   8:55 pace. 

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