Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Not Inspired

You would think I would be more excited now that the WODs have been released for the Masters Challenge but for some reason Im not.   Everybody is whipped into a frenzy over-analyzing  the thing.   In the end I just like to train.  The competitions get to be too much like work.  Having to show up on someones else schedule and then wait around.  Its just easier to do the wod and then compare how you would have done but I suspect my logic would not be well received.  
A) Snatch Practice - work to a heavy 1 for the day 
 Warm-Up - 5@75, 5@95, 3 @115
I also added max consecutive double unders after each lift
135lbs plus 3ohs - 29
145 plus 3ohs - 38
155 - 59
165 plus 3 ohs - 21
F @175
F@175 went to split snatch and got very close.  Need to pracice the split snatch
B) 2 SN DL 
2 OHS 
@95lbs x 5 - rest 2mins between sets - focus on form 

These were fine but never felt like I had them dialed in.  

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