Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heavy Duty

Wasn't sure what I was going to do today so when I saw this on Rob O'Brien's facebook page It looked like too much fun to pass up.  I knew it was long but those rest periods are perfect for me to reset and go hard again.  My big weakness is that I cant keep up with the leaders in the longer wods so this would be a good test.  
Jarrod was in the gym warming up and watching the women athletes finish up Cindy.  He was game for doing the workout,  I was happy as misery loves company.


"Heavy Duty"...

For time:
15-12-9 of:
•Thruster (135)


Rest 3 mins

15-12-9 of:

•Power cleans (155)

•Ring dips


Rest 3 mins

15-12-9 of:

•Deadlift (265)


Total time 31:58

1 comment:

Rob O'Brien said...

Just trying to hang with you my friend. Excellent job! I need to do this again. I think I can finish mid 30s. Rested too much!