Sunday, April 15, 2012

BAA 5k

Met Dave C at the Craic house to commute into the run.   The good news is that I wasnt getting anxious in terms of how I would do which is a huge improvement over how I usually went into these events. It was a training event and nothing else.   The bad news is my legs are shot from Friday and Saturday's wods and that it was going to be ugly.

Place Div/Tot  Div   Guntime  Nettime Pace  Name                   Ag S Race# City/state       
===== ======== ===== =======  ======= ===== ====================== == = ===== =============
769  48/225  M4549   23:18    23:07  7:27 John Durocher          45 M  1059 Dedham MA  

Not a great result probably one of my worst 5k times ever. JJ Ramble is not going to be pretty.

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