Saturday, April 28, 2012


With Crossfit Craic having to go mobile during their renovation the broader crossfit community has shown its true colors once again.  Paul Teehan a regional qualifier needed a place to train for the next few weeks and after one phone call he was welcomed into another crossfit box - Crossfit Florian.   I drafted off of Paul's request and joined him for an early Saturday morning workout. 

20 min AMRAP
1000 row
10 hang cleans @205lbs

That was good for Paul but 205lbs was just too heavy for me so I scaled down to 185lbs.  That was still heavy by the way.

I beat Paul off the rower in the first round but he quickly passed me and left me in the dust even though he was cleaning 20lbs a rep more than I was.  I was happy with my effort but realized that I have lots of work still to do when the clean gets heavy as far as technique goes.  Bill Malcolmb came in to watch us and was generous with his time and expertise. 

I finished 2 rounds plus the row and 6 reps.  4 reps short of 3 full rounds.  Would like to try this one again. Felt good on the first row but slowed down considerably.

1. 3:48 - 10 reps
2. 4:14 - 10 reps
3.  4:16 - 6 reps

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