Thursday, April 19, 2012

Front Squat

I have been really tired lately and Im not sure why.  Its not the regular muscle soreness, exercise fatigue but more mentally tired.   Work has been even more consuming than normal.    I think it also has to do with no short term or specific goal to focus on.  I have been debating whether to do the Master's throwdown in Rhode Island or go to the Master's training camp in California.   Although the competition will be fun I think I would benefit more long term from the training camp.

Barbell Smash Quads-shoulders

Balance barbell in front squat no hands 10 reps
2 min hold at bottom of front squat no hands on bar - After the first 30 seconds i was ready to stop.  I just didnt have the desire to push through or deal with the pain.  Instead of quitting I just tried to relax which worked well.    I think when Im tired I just dont have the same edge to push.

Today’s Workout:
Strength: 1 Rep Max Front Squat
75lbs - 5
95lbs - 5
125lbs - 5
175lbs - 5
185lbs - 5
205lbs - 1
225lbs - 1
235lbs - 1
245lbs - 1
255lbs - 1


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