Thursday, April 5, 2012


i was pretty excited to see this WOD programmed.  Its been about 6 months since I have done this WOD and it would give me a pretty good indication of my overall fitness.  What I have really learned during the Opens is pacing.  Finding the right pace to minimize rests but also fast enough to set a good pace.    I'm finding out that an idea gym scenario for me is just a few people.   Don't necessarily need a rabbit but someone I can go head to head with is good.  Competing in a big group outside of my usual gym is something i need to focus on this year.   Dave C had set a sizzling pace in the 5:30am class and did a sub 8!   This WOD is largely about two things - can you run really fast and are you strong enough to do the movements unbroken.  I wasnt worried about the KB or pullups but I was worried about not slowing down too much on the runs.  My running has really taken a step backwards since I picked up crossfit and dropped running,  No surprise there!

3 rounds for time
Run 400m
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pullups

Round 1 - 2:20
Round 2 - 5:20
Round 3 - 8:03

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