Monday, May 30, 2011

Murph - Family Style

Murph has always been one of my favorite WODs of all time.   What is better than a body weight workout with lots of running?  The majority of crossfitters hate running any distance over 400m,  I on the other hand like it.  The longer the better.   Today was also going to be Susie's first go at a Hero wod.  It is fitting that its Murph. 

Tristan my 8 year old wanted to come along as well.  I was thrilled to have him pace me along on his bike.   I told his brother to set a timer and come over in 30 minutes to do the final mile run with me.  I had this thing all planned out!

The only debate that was going back and forth was whether or not to wear the 20lb vest.  I decided that if no one else in the gym had put it on that I could take a pass as well.  As much as I hoped to do it sans vest that was all to put the rest when Coach John told me he wore the vest.

Susie and I showed up early so we were the only ones in our flight.    The run started off great.  I felt like I was running under control and not killing myself and managed a 7:14 with the vest on.   John had told me the vest would feel like it was constricting the ability to breath and sure enough as soon as I started on the pull-ups, pushups, squats that is what happened.  My plan was to partition 10-20-30. I was able to to hold this for 3 rounds straight but then had to start breaking up the everything.  The usual round was 6-7 pullups unbroken, 10-15 pushups unbroken and then sorry ass squats.

I forgot to take a split when I started my last run but it was clearly not the same speed I did round 1 in.  In fact I started the last run on a walk and had to take one other walking break.  I think my final run was in the 10-12 minute mark.  Final Time 54:54 with the 20lb vest.  As far as I can tell this is the first time I have done Murph with the vest.  


Pat said...

Great job John.

Sean Urban said...

John you wore a 20lb vest and did a tremendous workout. Congrats!!!