Sunday, May 8, 2011

With the kids

There is nothing better than spending time with  family.  The only thing better is doing some type of sport with them.  My son Jack had his 1 mile fitness run in gym class on Friday and he was pretty bummed out with how he did.   Susie was great, she provided him the right level of support but also told him that him that his classmates put more time in and that if wanted to do well he would as well.   When I found this all out I told him I was proud of what he did but would love to run with him if he wanted.  Jack took me up on my offer and we did a nice training run.   Considering he is 11 and sports are not his primary interest I needed to make it as fun as possible.  I took him over the Whitcomb Woods trailhead across from Wilson Mountain.  The plan was to do 1 mile run and then do a couple of intervals.  Here is how it went. Map of Run and splits

Jack worked hard and was really happy with how it went.  I will try to find time during the week for some kind of run again. 

At home I was itching to get some exercise in as I wasnt able to make it over the Craic House because of Church and Lacrosse.  I decided that going solo was not what I wanted to do so I asked Tris if he wanted to ride his bike. Of course the first answer is always no - why is he just like his Mom and Dad?  A little negotiating and he was game.    I got a good 4 miler in and having him on the bike forced me at times to go faster than what I wanted to do.   In fact the last 300m he actually got off his bike and raced me to the corner and back.  You should have seen his face beam when he beat me at the line. 

Now Tris was so inspired we actually spent and hour knocking the soccer ball around. 

Here are the results from my run.

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