Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Calistoga CA Bonus double day

I  must have been pretty tired as I didn't wake up until almost 5:30.  Usually when I am on the west coast its 4am.    Wasn't sure what I was going to to do because I haven't seen the gym at the hotel.   When I got there it was pretty well equipped for a hotel gym.  I had planned on doing cleans and burpees.  But changed that to Grace since Crossfit Craic did that WOD yesterday.  So the only thing is that I thought Grace called for a Squat clean and jerk.  I think this is actually a power clean.

30 Squat Clean and Jerks


I finished up with 50 toes to bars and 25 dips.

Later at the end of the day I got in a run with Dennis.  We did a short 4 miler and aside from a stiff calf i felt pretty good as the run went on.  Last mile was the fastest.

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