Wednesday, March 30, 2016

LFXFit at Crossfit Lalanne

Lalanne has been posting the wods and even though I had planned to take a rest day when I saw the wod I wanted to do it.  When I checked the schedule I noticed that Chris has introduced a new program called LFXFIT  It is a new method of fitness training: boot-camp-style workouts guaranteed to burn maximum calories in minimum time. Exclusive to LaLanne Fitness.   Here was today's LFXFIT wods:

Wod 1 -

60 Deadlifts every minute 4 air squats.  Rx was 50% of weight.  I did 135lbs instead

Total time 1:47

Wod - Grip City

6 DB box step ups each leg
6 DB rows each arm

All @40lbs

5 Rounds 6 reps

WOD 3 - 100 Hollow Rocks'

3:46  Brutal

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