Sunday, March 20, 2016

Crossfit Opens Re-test

Great group to retest with today!  Anne Donahue, Munchie and Ryan O'leary were in my heat. You couldnt find nicer people. 

16.4 Retest
55- Deadlifts 225/155
55- Wallballs 20/14
55- Cals Rowed
55- HSPUs

Didnt feel quite as good today as I did on Friday.  Just tried to manage my breathing and my pace.  Felt good even though I was behind 20 seconds right out of the gate and never made it up.  Perfectly fine as I still had close to 4 minutes for HSPUs.
Kipped this time but in retrospect to big of sets again.  Improved by 3 reps but still no repped 3.  

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