Sunday, November 4, 2012

Out of the norm

Another couple of wods that I just havent done very often.  Im still having a hard time getting out of bed early.  I am defaulting on the extra sleep hoping that will help me recover.   That said I was still in the gym just after 7:30.

A1) weighted pullups - 5x5 -
rest 30sec
A2) weight dips 5x5 
rest 2mins  -
All rounds @45lbs.  Failed on the last rep in the 5th round of pullups,   4 Rounds of strict. Gave myself a few kipping in round 5.  Felt great on the dips.
5 rounds - record time but don't rush 
max reps BW bench press 175lbs
max reps pullups

I was struggling trying to stay out of the way of the class on this one.  

Rd1 - 5, 22
Rd 2 - 6, 25
Rd 3 - 5, 11
Rd 4 - 5, 15
Rd 5 - 5, 21

I missed the part where the breaks were suppose to be short. this WOD took me 24 minutes to do.  I have to say that my grip/forearms were shot from the weighted pullups.  Mentally I wasnt really ready to push myself to get those extra 3-4.

Finisher 10x15 double-unders

This is the best these have felt in a long time.  Only 11 attempts to get 10x15. 

My left shoulder is bothering me a bit.  Will need to work on that over the next week.  I will be in Vegas this week and the box is a 30 dollar cab ride each way.  It might just be the hotel gym and body weight stuff and a dumbell wod.   If you have any ideas please post in the comment section. 

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