Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No where to go but up

Pressed for time this morning because of an early start to our executive meeting so tied to the hotel gym.   Since the Craicers are doing 2k row I decided to do that as well.  Its been awhile and with my metcon in the toilet this was sure to be a major league suck fest.

2K row - 7:30

Here are the detailed stats:

Quick 5 minute break and then an 8min AMRAP

10 OHS with a 70lbs short bar
10 Burpees

6 Rounds plus 10OHS and 1 burpee

This was miserable as well.  I felt like I was completely walking through this one.  Seemed like the wheels came off after the first round which was barely under a minute.  Not sure if i am just getting old or there is something else wrong with me.

Very Sad  :(

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