Saturday, November 17, 2012

FLL Robotics Comp and then WOD

FLL Robotics Competition (7:30am - 3pm)  and then back to our regularly scheduled programming.  When I looked at this WOD I thought it was exactly the same as Tuesday.  Sent out a quick email to the coach for clarification and he pointed the time and rep counts had changed.  Little things like this change the workouts pretty dramatically.   Unlike Tuesday I had plenty of time to get the work in and I still managed to mess it up.

A) Rear foot elevated Split Squat @4020 (4 down 2 up - no pause)  4-6 x 5 
 The first mistake I made was doing this movement only holding one dumbell versus two.   I went with 45lbs and felt all proud of myself of getting the rep count down but doing 8 reps every round.  Yeh nice job but it was 4-6 reps not 8-10 reps.   The upside is that my legs were screaming so I worked them very hard regardless of whether I got the reps and weights right.
 So my simple mindedness didn't end there I was suppose to do 40 sec movements but I wrote down 30 second intervals thinking I did 20 second intervals on Tuesday.
What I was suppose to do!
40 Sec THR 
40 sec AD 
rest 3:00 
x 3 
- All out efforts

What I did by accident
30 Sec THR 
30 sec AD 
rest 2:00 
x 3 
- All out efforts 
Round 1 - 11 reps - 11 cals
Round 2 - 11 reps - 10 cals
Round 3 - 11 reps - 10 cals
I also warmed up and closed with double unders on the minute trying to do 30 consecutive.  

I actually just read the workout plan and I actually did the right thing.   The other wods are for next week.  Maybe I just need to get some sleep. 

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