Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crossfit Lalanne

I was in the office by 5:45am but the good news is that I was able to break away for an hour at 6:30pm to hit the wod at Crossfit Lalanne.    I was psyched when I arrived and saw that Will Sockolov was the coach.   Will is great at evaluating my mobility and eyeing areas that might be holding me back and giving me 2-3 things to address the limitation.

5 Min  Row

Mobility - large emphasis on hips

 As noted:

Back Squat:  5X3

Warm_up - 45bs. 135lbs, 185lbs, 225 lbs

rd 1 - 3 reps @ 275lbs
rd 2 - 3 reps @ 275lbs
rd 3 - 3 reps @ 275lbs
rd 4 - 3 reps @ 275lbs
rd 5 - 3 reps @ 275lbs

WOD-  5 rounds of

10 Back Squats without rack - (rx -185lbs)
10 OH Walking Lunge 45b plate
200M Farmers Walk - 2 @ 55lb KBS

I decided to go with 175lbs.   No one in the class went over 135lbs.  There was a 12 minute cap but I didnt notice this till the 4th round.   I just missed the cap by 18 seconds.

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