Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lack of Quality

I changed my plans and flew to NY monday night so I didnt have to get up at 4am.  This did allow me to get in the gym and get my work in before my 8am meeting.  The downside it was in the hotel gym which is never easy.

A) Rear foot elevated Split Squat @4020 (4 down 2 up - no pause)  8-10 x 5 
when I give rep ranges (i.e. 8-10) it means you have to do min 8, max 10. If you get to 10 increase the weight - 1min rest between legs, 3min bwt sets. 
This was a bit of shit show.   I started with two 50lb dumbells and realized I would never make it through 5 rounds.  Shifted to 40lb weights and still struggled mightly.   Since the range of motion is so short 4 seconds seems like an hour, and no pause at the top is pure torture.   Even if I didnt get this perfect I felt like I benefited.
Shockingly this hotel as barbells so the Thursters were fine but having to walk all the way across the gym to get on the treadmill and then waiting it to crank up to speed made it challenging.    I just cut down my rest sot that I gave myself 2 minutes to get it done and then start over.  Averaged at least 7 reps on Thrusters.
20 Sec THR 
20 sec AD 
rest 1:20 
x 3 
- All out efforts

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