Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Movements

My coach programmed a new movement - Rear foot elevated squats.  I have seen them done but have never done them before.  Looking forward to see how they go. 
A) - Rear foot elevated split squats with dumbells - 8-8-8-8 -- rest 1min betwee legs - 3mins between sets 
warm up with 2 30lb dumbells
2-40's for 8 left and right
2-45's for 8 left and right
2-50's for 8 left and right
2-55's for 8 left and right
I think next time I will go with 55 right from the start.  

B) - Hang Squat Clean - 3 on the min for 10mins - view as skill work 
Did 3@135lbs for 10min
not for time 
5 rounds 
15 GHD situps (add weight and do them slow) 
15 Unbroken double unders 
15 Wallballs
For some reason I really struggled getting 15 DU's in a row.  It seemed every round i would get 13-14 and then mess up. I ended up doing close to 50 per round.

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