Sunday, November 25, 2012

3 x 10 min AMRAP plus a girl

I was looking forward to this WOD.  A straight out old school crossfit wod - 10 min AMRAP with some basic movements.  The challenge was whether 5 minute recovery was going to be enough.

10min AMRAP x 3 with 5min rest in between
10 Cals on AD 
10 HPC @85lbs - focus on form 
10 Pushups
10 Double unders
Round 1 - 5 rounds plus 20 reps
Round 2 - 5 rounds plus 10 reps - the AD shut down on my 5th round wasted precious time resetting
Round 3 - 5 rounds plus 16 reps 

Consistent from round to round - all pushups and HPC unbroken
Double unders - not perfect but pretty good
After I was done I watched  Super Paul Teehan do Annie so I figured I would give it a try as well.
Annie - 50,  double unders and sit-ups
5:49 - Unofficial time as I had no counter or judge.  Either way happy with the effort. 

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