Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crossfit Mount Kisco

A new box opened up 10 minutes from my mother in laws house two weeks ago - Crossfit Mount Kisco this would make working out simple If they allow drops.  So I sent them an email    I sent them an  email earlier this week.  They got right back to me that they did but they would be closed on Thursday and Friday.   Last night I decided to check once more as these things can change, and low and behold they had a 7am and 9:30am class today.  I decided to go to the 7am class as I thought dropping in on that one would be the least disruptive.  "Who in the world would be up that early on a holiday".  

As I have found at every crossfit box - these guys were super welcoming! In fact this might have been in the top 5 in terms of making me feel at home.


followed my min-wod

300m Row
400m Run

Total time- 3:15

I was happy with the row staying well below 1:30 pace. When I got off I couldnt believe how wobbly my legs were.  I was expecting to be winded but not wobbly.  Took me 150m to find a decent pace.  If I do this again I think its probably smart to slow down the row just a bit so the run can be harder. 

Followed By
BEAR COMPLEX - 5 Rounds of 5 reps of
Front Squat
Shoulder to OH
Back Squat
Shoulder to OH

I think the bear complex is one of the best all around wods that exists.  Its been a few months since I have done this but I think Im much stronger.  I probably started out to light and should have taken a shot at 175lbs.  I should have used the 95lb round as my warm up round.

Round 1 - 95lbs
Round 2 - 105bs
Round 3 - 115lbs
Round 4 - 135lbs
Round 5 - 155lbs

They were absolutely great about letting me hang out and do the wod my coach programmed for me.

1min KBS@70
1min rest 
1min Burpees 
1min Rest 
x 2
rest 3min 

I feel like my metcon is coming around with all of this interval type work.  Feeling good about how things are coming together as I'm maintaining my strength as well as now getting the engine tuned up.  As long as work doesn't wear me down to badly I will be ready for March.
Round 1 -  27 swings - 24 burpees
Round 2 - 20 swings - 16 burpees
Round 3 - 22 swings 17 Burpees
Round 4 - 24 swings 18 Burpees  

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