Friday, June 8, 2012

Worn Out

It was not a good week at all.   I enjoy my job but the grind of the global position has been brutal.  There has been no down time at all and add on top of that the travel and lack of sleep has caused a steep decline in fitness and ability to train with any kind of intensity.   Mix that in with some frustration and it call it very ugly.   For most of the week I didnt even want to even go to the gym which is not like me at all.   Decided to pass on the competition and to just try to push some of this out of my mind and see how things fall out.    One simple solution that i think I have gotten Susie to buy into is constructing our own gym.    If it works out we would have a small space so that 2-3 athletes could train together.  This would make things a lot easier and eliminate the dependency on current gym hours.   The trade off would be on interaction with the community but I think that has already taken a hit.

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