Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Diesel's Results!


Susie just finished her 3rd No Bread challenge and I thought it would be interesting to track her progress as she progresses into "beast mode".  She and I had a conversation on how it is hard for a "fit athlete" to win one of these challenges as everyone gravitates to the transformation stories.  Those stories are amazing but lets not lose sight of how awesome it is to continue the journey.   Susie and lots of others put a ton of work into grinding out incremental improvements.  Large or small the ability to improve your work capacity is the name of the game.  Compare here numbers to the 11-26-2011 blog.    She also got a 1 rep max 300lb Dead Lift as well as a 1st place finish in the Ocean City Masters Comp this month.   Its been awesome to watch her progres.

Movement as of 11.26.2011 as of 6.22.2011 Change
1RM Power Clean  135# (20# PR) 155 ^20
1RM Front Squat 170# (25# PR) 190 ^20
1RM Overhead Squat 120# (45# PR) not tested -
2RM Dead Lift  256# (46# PR) 285 ^29
500m Row  1:45 not tested -
Fran - 6:38 @ 45# 6:38 @ 45# (3min PR) 7:15 RX RX
Max Push Ups  25 not tested -
Max Dips 13 not tested -
2 Min Max Double Unders  93 (32 rep PR 106 ^13

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