Monday, June 25, 2012

New path on the journey

Great to be back at the Craic house today with Susie Diesel.   Open gym is great.   First time training in the new space since the remodel and it looks fantastic, more space, great paint job and all the equipment organized in a professional manner.

I have put outside my doubts and jumped full into the programming that John is providing for me.  If it helps me focus on my weaknesses in a scientific way then why would I have any concerns?

Outside in the parking lot under a blue bird sky and temps in the low 80's.  Just a perfect summer day.

400m run
3x100 Double Unders
Ended with an additional set of 29.  Im still not swinging the rope consistently.  Im using way too much arm and kind of throwing it versus just turning the wrist.

Worked up a good sweat and the did  15 warmups at 53lbs and 15 more at

3 rounds for time 
25 KBS @70lbs 
25 Burpees 

Jack Daly had put up a very fast time of 8:03 which gave me an aggressive target to chase.  I'm always much better at chasing a number as it validates a pace.  I felt like I settled into a steady rythm in round 1.  Round 2 is always more challenging,  Got the 25 swings in but the burpees were a little slower.  Round 3 I broke up the swings 17 and then 8.  First few burpees were slow but I knew I had to punch it to match Jack's time.    Final time - 7:49.   This was as bad if not worse than a Fran.  My heart felt like it had exploded.  Watch it here:

After the WOD got a text from John to do a 1 rep max close grip bench press.   So after a few minutes of recovery I started in with that,  Its a good thing benching doesnt come up in competitions otherwise I would be in trouble.  My bench form and strength is not so good.  On several of the lifts I was too far back and banged into the holder and on the last lift I attempted and failed on I had a good bounce but then didnt lift straight up.

Close Grip Bench - 
1x205 Failed
It was great to have Susie filming the WOD and Tris who had wandered over there to watch.  Snapped a great photo of Tris doing some free climbing which is posted above.

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