Sunday, June 17, 2012

Running Man

I have been focusing on my running as my cardio is complete garbage right now.   I will increase my running until I get my new gym in place.  I may give up some strength in the short term but to be honest im not that concerned as its a long time till any competition.   As I get back into running more regularly my son Jack is starting his training for Fall X-Country.   Having never run he is doing a slow ramp.  Running a mile day for a week and then 2 and so on.   He is doing pretty good.  He went out and did a 7:17 today.  

Did just under 5 miles today.  Im still getting used to this new Nike watch that I bought for Jack but that I have been borrowing.  I some how reset it in the middle of my run today so there are 2 segments.

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