Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fitting it in

It was great to have Susie join me for a morning WOD before I head out to Chicago.  I had planned to do this weeks homework and then do last weeks that I missed.  Susie suggested that we do these two burners.  As Susie and I started we were in complete synch in the first wod matching movement.  Not so much on the second wod.   Susie's double unders were so much better.  I continue to struggle with my double unders.   Not sure why they are in the toilet.    

Warm Up
= Mobility and 100 double unders.
1a. 5min AMRAP
   5 Burpees
   10 Air Squats
Rest 2 mins
2a. 5min AMRAP
  10 Double Unders
  10 Situps
rest 10 mins

Exercise 1A -
Round 1- 9 rounds 5 reps
Round 2 -  9 rounds

Exercise 2A -
Round 1 - 9 Rounds
Round 2 - 8 Rounds

The big question for me is whether i have the rounds captured properly.   I paid no intention and completely depended on Susie for the count.  Not fair as she was as challenged as I was to keep it straight.   No matter the rounds it was a good workout.  Susie is in great form

 3 rounds: 21 wall balls (30lbs) , 21 toes to bar
Went with the 30lb ball and it felt good in the first round.  My toes to bar are complete crap.  No kip, no speed.  Had to break them up right from the beginning.  Not a very good wod for me.  A lot of standing around between movements.  Lots of broken cycles. 
Total time = 9:07

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