Monday, March 26, 2012

Visit to Crossfit Hardcore "The Sandbox"

While I was waiting for Crossfit Predator to get back to me on whether they allow drops ins I went back on line to see how far away the Boca Raton Crossfit was from Hillsbororo.  On the website I discover they have just opened their 5th box in Pompona Beach 2miles from where we are.  So Susie and I made the short trek. Great new box only open about 6-8 weeks.   Super friendly group and small class size. Best of all worlds.

10 Power cleans & Jerk 95/135
5 push ups
200m Run
8 Power clean & jerk 95/135
10 push ups
400m run
6 Power Clean & Jerk 95/135
15 push ups
800m run
2 Power clean & jerk 95/13520 push ups

 11:27 RX

That afternoon I ran over to the box to see how long it would take.  Just over 15 minutes to go 2+ miles.  Got a good 4+miler in.  

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