Saturday, March 24, 2012

Last chance push to qualify

I woke up on Saturday hoping to feel fresh and rested for my re- test of 12.5 but it was not the case. I woke up with a bad case of DOM'S in my lats and shoulders. Had some breakfast and then hit the spa gym here at the Hillsboro club to stretch out. I went through all the stretches recommended by KStarr and his side kick Carl P. I then jumped in the whirlpool tub for 15 minutes until I was sweating and everything was good and loose. Did the drive out to Crossfit affliction in Davie Florida for their 12.5 retest. I was assigned the 2nd heat which gave me a chance to watch one of their guys put up 111. Nice score.

12.5 is all about setting the right pace, not to fast to burn out but not too slow to lose precocious time. Felt good thru the round of 12. I think I made it thru in about 3 minutes. I got thru the round of 15 in 5:15. I had loads of time. Split the 18 into 3 sets of 6. Bonus got to the bar and got 3 c2b but sadly the 3rd one was at 7:01. I was psyched as I ended up at 110 reps which was an 8 rep improvement.

Couple of things to note. My best weeks were when I didn't travel all week or do a West coast redeye home. No surprise there. I also improved when I could do the WOD twice with sufficent rest between. Thursday - Saturday was ideal. Happy about my game performance and watching the scoreboard to see how it falls out for me. My calculations show that I will fall outside the top 20. No regrets. Gave it my all and fell a bit short. I'm going to miss the anxiety and adrenalin rush off the last 5 weeks.

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Rob O'Brien said...

Awesome effort. Top 20 next year. You have a lot to be proud of!