Saturday, March 17, 2012

Failure of Epic Proportions but life is still good

If I was really thinking rationally I would have waited  to do this WOD on Saturday.  It would have given me 2 nights in my own bed and an extra day to recover from X-country travel.   The problem was the desire to put this behind me was grinding on me.   I knew that I could do the 150 wall balls.  I have double- unders and although they can fall apart I was confident that If I gave myself enough time I could get through them.  I was looking ahead to the muscle ups and had high aspirations.   Well one should never look ahead as when I was doing that double-unders sucker punched me and put me out of the game.

In retrospect I made a rookie mistake and shot out of the gate with 37 wall balls in the first minute.  Not a sustainable pace for me.   Then I was all over the board.  No rhythm, no rhyme, no reason no plan.  I finished them up around 8:30.   This gave me plenty of time.

Picked up the rope and got 1 or 2 this usually happens and then I find my rhythm.  Nope.  There was a glimmer of hope and i got 15-20 at one point.  Now I was fixated on the clock and I started to tighten up and panic.   I tried harder, it got worse.  This was slipping away from me.  F**ck i think i shouted a few times knowing that the 150 wall balls was going to hurt tomorrow making a retake tougher.   Then it was over.  I didn't even want to know my score. I had fallen way short of what I though I was capable of.  I walked outside to try to pull it together but was just truly disappointed.   I know I shouldn't have taken it so hard and I know I should have stuck around the box with the gang but I couldn't.  I just wanted to get out of their and leave it all behind me.   I went home made the kids dinner and spent the evening playing Killer Bunny with Jack and Tris and all was good.

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