Sunday, March 18, 2012

Distraction = Failure : Focus = Success

I had decided on Saturday that I needed to be in the gym in the environment I am used to do well.  I texted Jarrod and asked him I could come in after his 1x1 training session and got the green light.   When i arrived it was empty except for Jarrod.  I could set up where i was comfortable.  Jarod even asked if I wanted to put my tunes on. (Thanks Jarod) 

After a long warm up at home I just went through a few easy rounds of wall balls and tried to tune my double unders.  I have had the change to hear Tony Robbins speak a few time at company events so I clearly knew that I had put myself in the right state this time.  I was calm, I had a plan,  I knew what to do if things starting to go wrong.  What was the difference physically between Friday and today - nothing. It was all in my head.  Seems simple but somethings its the hardest thing. 

I had a plan and just needed to execute.   On 3, 2. 1knew right away  i was in the right mode. I wasnt fighting things at all.  I was able to get 7:49 on the wall balls.  So I started the Double Unders at around 8 minutes.    I was fighting it but managed to get a few big sets in to get over half way. Then disaster struck the set screw must have loosened and the rope broke.    I quickly ran over to the wall to grab one from the gym.   First one I grabbed and tried to swing was way too long.  I think it must have been Jarods!  I still remained calm.  Found another one and started back in.   Managed to finish them at the 11:15 mark.  This is all i had wanted!  A chance to get a crack at a muscle up.  By the time i got on the rings I had about 40 seconds.   I banged out 5 straight and didnt even get close on the 6th.  5 second left.  Drop down.  Try one more - but it was too late.  I was really pleased with the effort but most importantly I didnt let myself get rattled. 

So im even more thrilled to be tied for 35th with Bubba Hagood!  Who would have thought that was in possible. 

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