Sunday, March 4, 2012

12.2 and Tabata

I have been obsessing about whether I should make a second attempt at the WOD from the minute i finished until about 7:30pm tonight when logistically it was no longer possible.   Freddy Comacho had a great post regarding 12.2 take a read here Thoughts on 12.2 - Crossfit One World.   I decided to not do it twice in the end because it took a lot out of me and I didnt think that hitting it the next day would position me for improving.  

Susie and I went over to Craic and watched the athletes get after it again today.  The intensity is always high and everyone gives it their very best.   I think when qualifying is over we need to drop the weights and have the same focus on getting better technically.   I know that I have not put the effort in until this year to really improve my efficiency.  I was too caught up in chasing RX and just muscling thru the WODS.  I really wish I wouldnt have done that.   It is what it is. I share that not in regret but so others can learn through my stupidity. 

Todays workout was a blast.  Susie and I did it together on the other end of the gym while the 12.2 retests were going on.   A triple Tabata is hard enough but I made it harder by leaving the 1 minute breaks between movements out when Susie went.  Since it was my mistake I felt obligated to do it that way as well. 

Consistency is good
Push Press
Kettlebell swing
8 rounds of each movement consisting of 20 secs on 10 secs off.
You will complete 8 rounds of push press, then 8 rounds of sit-ups, then 8 rounds of kettlebell swings.
Score = lowest number achieved for each exercise.
RX- 45/25 , 53/35
INT- 35/15 , 44/25
BEG- 20/12 kb for pp ,35/20kb for kbs

Total of 36 reps

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