Sunday, March 11, 2012

12.3 Redux

Im sitting in 37th place.  
Less than 24 hours to recover and a Craic get together at my house (at least i didnt drink) probably didnt set me up for success but I wanted to take one more shot at 12.3.  I decided that the steps down were way to slow for me and that I wasted a lot of time watching the box.  I was tight on time as I had an afternoon flight to SF so no time messing around.

Susie was my judge and I had my splits.  The plan was to keep going unless I fell behind my splits from yesterday.   Made it out of the gate no problem.   Box jumps went better but my shoulders were fried and even jerking the weights was much more difficult.  I had to break it up a lot more.   I made it through 5 rounds ahead of schedule but after my 6 round I had fallen close to a minute off the pace I needed to improve so I called it a day.  Good training session nonetheless.

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