Sunday, March 6, 2011

A little Unsettling

I was in NYC Monday thru  Thursday of last week.  I had my leadership team together to do a Q1 kick-off to make sure we were all aligned on the objectives and goals for the Quarter and beyond.  It was pretty late when I arrived on Monday at the new W hotel next to WTC site.    My room looked out on the construction and the nearly complete memorial.  Of course that view brought on an on-rush of thoughts and emotions.   My directs are from all over the country and for many it was their first time back in lower Manhattan since 9/11.   To a person they were all unsettled by being at that spot.  
We had a long couple of days as we had so many topics to cram into 2 days.  I thought it was well worth the time and effort.  The only downside is that I came down with a nasty sinus and chest cold which robbed me of my voice and caused me to miss 4 days of training.  4 days off in a row.  A pretty big setback.  I think I could have done low intensity strength training but decided that would only prolong the thing,

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