Sunday, March 6, 2011


Game Day 4 was my plan for today.   I hadnt worried about this workout like I did about "Bull" but this one kicked my ass.   I dont think I have even spent more time on my hands and knees during a wod ever.  Glen even remarked after the carnage that he had never seen me struggle like that before.  The cyborg model Derek and Matt had times around 16 minutes and the monsters were in the 19-20 minute range.  Well I had thought that if I could average 5 minutes a round (3 min for Snatches, 1 min for Pullups and burpees) I would be killing it.  After the first round which was just under 5 I realized that I would be lucky to average 6 minutes a round.  The snatches just were taking way too much out of me.  It was taxing my core (yesterdays Death by Deadlift) left me in less than optimal shape.  My grip was shot which was forcing me to break up my pull-ups and by the time I got to burpees i was a complete shell of a human being.   I even had a brief internal conversation as to whether I should pull the plug.  I quickly snuffed out that suggestion by my right brain and told it were were finishing this thing no matter how long it took.   In the end this is what it looked like:

No disappointment with the time of 24:21.  Gave it my best.  I am a little worried that my weight is up to 177lbs.   I put on 5lbs in 4 days , my diet sucked last week and now I have to fix that as well.

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