Monday, March 21, 2011

Make- up St Paddy's Day WOD

The nice part of vacation is that I can train with Susie without having to juggle work an drop off. We decided to do the Craic House St. Paddy Day WOD without the final movement of chugging a beer. The staff at the Hillsboro Club (St ( was super supportive of us taking equipment outside to do our workout which was great. The only bad thing Was that the didn't have a 20lb med ball so I had to do Thrusters. They had a bicep curl bar which I ad to use for the Thruster.

We did a 500m row for warm-up which Susie smoked - it was easy effort and she was only 3 seconds off her best time. Mine practically killed me and I was 10 seconds off. Even after watching a rowing video my technique still needs lots of help.

400m Run
21 wall balls subbed 100lb Thruster
21 Burpees
400m run
15 wall balls
15 burpees
400m run
9 wall balls
9 burpees

So any lead I had in the run evaporated when I was doing Thusters against Susie. She ended up beating menu 3 seconds. 14:01 to 14:03

I was spent and Susie has been recovering very quickly.

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