Friday, March 11, 2011


First time doing Jackie.
Row 1000m
50 Thrusters @45lbs
30 Pullups

I have been absolutely worn down by work.  The volume of stuff I am trying to finish grows by the minute and once I finish one thing it is replaced by 10 more.   So when I got in the gym early this morning I was feeling pretty beat down before I even started.  This was going to a be a pure gut check.   No beast mode available, it was can I just finish.   I dont mind rowing but Im just not that good.  I seem to lose all power at the midpoint of any distance.   Today was no different.  My strategy was to start a little slower and see if I can maintain till the end.  As per usual the wheels came off at the halfway point.   finished the row in 3:38.   Hit 40 straight reps and then put it down in what I call a sympathy move. Once I heard another bar touch down in the class I some how had permission to stop as well.  Bad move!   Not sure of my thruster split.   Pull-ups I hit 20 straight , stopped and hit 10.  Spent the next 10 minutes trying not to expire in the parking lot.  Time 7:19

Definitely not looking forward to 5 rounds of 30 box jumps tomorrow,

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