Sunday, March 6, 2011

Back at It

Finally felt well enough to get back at it.   Thought that Crossfit Craic's Friday Wod was the perfect workout for re-entry.   Spent about 20 minutes warming up with double unders.   What is odd is that my first set is usually my best set in terms of doing them consecutive without a miss and then im stuck in the 20-30's.  I have been working on pulling my elbows in but my arms are still fatiguing to quickly.  Did some one legged double unders as well as some backward jumping to mix it up.

Did 50 consecutive swings with a 50 Kettlebell,  It was the biggest they had, Im not sure that I could swing the 70lber 50 times in a row but I will soon give it a try.  I was hoping my forearm would be completely better but I quickly learned after this that it isnt. 

Death by Deadlift 225/155
-With a continuously running clock do one Deadlift the first minute, two the second minute, three the third minute ….. continuing as long as you are able.

Susie did this on Friday and set a ridiculous mark to try and hit - 18 rounds.   I was hoping to get to 15 but wasnt sure how I would feel after being sick.  The first rounds are always way to easy but it got hard way to fast.  I only got 13 rounds.   Round 14 was a complete metldown as I only got 7 reps.

Good re-entry point, 

They have finally posted the results from the first event of the Throwdown Series. As a reminder the first wod was this:

PART 1 (for time):
50 Wallballs (20#/14#) plus
30 Double Unders;
15 Toes to Bar;
10 Front Squats (135#/95#)

PART 2 (max weight):
1 Rep Max Clean (3 MINUTE TIME LIMIT)

I'm sitting in 54th place out of 150 competitors.   I was 42nd after part 1 and then my part 2 was 70th on the list.  Even if my 215 counted I would only have moved up 6 spots. Some of these dudes threw up some really big weights.   Bill is in 72nd place and better yet our affiliate is in 43rd place

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