Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Old not Tired

I just figured out that I'm not dragging because I'm old, I'm dragging because I'm tired. Now that I figured that out I'm at peace with my lack of constant energy. So I mentioned this yesterday but I have to say it again it's great to train with my wife. She has been open to whatever I hve programmer and hit the wods with gusto. It's amazing how good she has got in only a few months. All you people who believe you have to get fit before starting Crossfit are uninformed.

Today we did dead lifts as out strength work and had to improvise. Susie had to use a bicep curl bar and I had to build a small platform out of aerobic steps to use the smith machine. Neither were ideal but you make do. We both did a 5x5 Susie hit 140lbs and I maxed out the weight at 205 not including the bar.

100m run before each round of 10,9,8,7.... Of dumbbell swings. Susie used 35lbs and I used 50lbs which was the heaviest they had.

Good effort although I was teasing Susie as she was flying in her last sprint. Her time was 8:49 somehow I lapped her and lost track of a round. I think I did round 4 twice.

We then did a 500m row and Susie crushed it 1:52:9 just over her PR when was only giving 80. I did a 1:35.

We ended the WOD with tabata sit-ups. I managed 11 a round.

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